E-Books Vs. Real Books

I am writing this blog entry because the debate between e-books and real books is one that I have been having with myself and I know a lot of other people have been having as well. There are valid points for both sides and each has their pros and cons. I will discuss the pros and cons of each and finally I will give my personal opinion on the topic.


E-books have started to gain a lot of popularity lately with the invention of handheld tablets that people can use to carry them around and read them. One of the pros of e-books is that you can carry around more books within your e-reader than if you were to carry the printed copies. This is also a pro in that it will be a lot easier for you to move your book collection if you move to a new place. E-books also tend to be a lot cheaper than printed copies because the publisher does not need to pay for the printing as well as distribution.

The cons for e-books are few but they can be important. One of the major problems with e-books specifically the e-readers you use to read them on is the possibility of the company who sold them go bankrupt. When Borders filed for bankruptcy, there were a lot of people who had purchased their e-reader who now have a useless tablet.

Real Books

Real books' pros are not important but they can be for a serious collector. I personally and I know a lot of people who love having the ability to be the person to put the crease in the binding of a book after reading it. The smell of a brand new book can also not be matched by an e-book. Also one of the smaller cons of e-books and the benefits of real books is that you have the ability to display the books that you have read. You can create your own personal library to show anyone who comes to your home. People's libraries aren't as important as they used to be. The books that people have read used to be a point of discussion but no longer unfortunately.

The cons for real books sort of tie into the pros for e-books. They can cost more and it is a lot harder to carry them around. Unfortunately, bookstores are slowly becoming harder and harder to find so it is getting harder to find a place to take a look at a book and get a chance to read some of it before you buy it. People are having to resort to buying their books online and if you like to buy them new like me then the shipping is starting to make them cost more.

The Winner In My Opinion: As long as I can still find them, I will always prefer real books to e-books.

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