The Body Project An Intimate History Of American Girls By Jo

The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg

I want to start this review off by reminding people that this book is not a book to read for pleasure but is in fact an educational history/women studies book that the idea of beauty and everything that that entails has changed over the years. I have to say that this was a fascinating book and extremely enlightening. It was especially enlightening for me as a male to learn about what the other gender is going through. I mean nothing in this book is extremely surprising but seeing it actually written down and presented to you really makes you think more about it. It was really interesting to learn about the history of women even their personal products. It was also interesting from a business perspectives how people capitalized on the female experience especially how marketing was involved. It really is scary how much the female body has become a project that requires constant work that will never be finished. It made the book all the more real and interesting to have excerpts from the diaries of girl's through the ages. The author is right that fixing the issues within the book will not be easy and are going to take a long time but we need to start now. The author utilizes footnotes spectacularly and has a very detailed list of all her sources and notes at the end of the book. Overall, I would give this book an A.